Different Ways To Celebrate the Holidays Even When at Work

Sometimes, duty calls, and you have to show up for work even on the holidays, which can be a very tough time because you are supposed to spend that day with your loved ones, right? Although unavoidable, you can still do your part in making your shift on that holiday a festive one so you won’t miss out on any of the fun that comes with celebrating the holiday; here are some things you can do:

Decorate the Workspace

It is very simple, really, if you can’t have the holidays at home, then why dont you bring the holidays to your workplace? Keep up with the festive spirit and hang out ornaments in the hallways or maybe encourage your workmates to help with decoration by bringing their own decorations; also, if you have a Christmas tree, then decorate that– what is important is you all have a hand in decorating so that no feels left out.

Plan Festive Activities

You can also try to incorporate festive activities into your day to break up regular chores and add some fun to the place like maybe consider hosting a Christmas quiz game or a Secret Santa gift exchange and if your workmates are into karaoke then host a karaoke session so they can sing their feelings away. 

These activities allow workers to bond and relax while celebrating the spirit of the season; also, remember to accommodate diverse cultural customs and preferences so that everyone feels welcomed and appreciated because Christmas is not celebrated by everyone; just be considerate and have fun!

Dress for the Theme

Nothing says holidays than getting into your themed clothes like christmas scrub tops if you are a nurse, or if you prefer to be a mascot, then try buying those Santa outfits and planning it ahead with your coworkers who can be the elves to your Santa. Ditching those old and boring work clothes can do wonders in lifting up the spirits of your workmates because it can really get them to feel the holiday spirit!


These little things may not be a replacement for the time you could have spent with your family, but since you have no voice anyway (since the duty is calling), why not just make the most of it and have fun? After all, if you really think about it, your workmates are your family to some extent, so until then, have fun and happy holidays!

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