Energy crisis demands Pakistan to go solar

Energy crisis demands Pakistan to go solar

The worsening energy situation and soaring fossil fuel costs necessitate that Pakistan go solar on a war footing, according to Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor here on Sunday.

In response to the major issues our economy is facing as a result of the rising cost of oil imports, he suggested that the government and business sector turn to solar energy to replace pricey power, oil, and gas. He claims that if society is pushed to embrace renewable energy, particularly cheap solar energy, trillions of rupees might be saved.

He stated that the usage of renewable energy, particularly solar, has increased rapidly in recent years.

The usage of renewable energy aids in enhancing energy security and mitigating the negative consequences of climate change.

According to several research, Pakistan is an ideal contender for solar power generation due to the country’s high levels of sun irradiation. Despite this, solar provides barely 1% of Pakistan’s energy mix, despite a potential of 2.9 million Megawatts, according to the Pakistan Alternative Energy Board.

Investment in solar technology, he claims, may enhance energy access, generate employment, raise revenue, improve trade balance, and contribute to industrial growth. Solar’s socioeconomic advantages are remarkable, and its influence may be enhanced with strong macroeconomic policies.

According to him, solar energy is derived from the sun’s rays and may be turned to electricity or heat. It is freely available, owing to technological advancements.

He claims that solar energy has the least negative environmental impact of any energy source.

It emits no greenhouse emissions and does not harm the environment. It also requires extremely little water for maintenance, as opposed to nuclear power facilities, which require 20 times the amount of water.

Solar energy generation produces no noise, which is a significant benefit given that many solar installations, such as household solar panels, are located in metropolitan areas. He claims that producing your own power implies utilising less from the utility company.

This will result in instant savings on your energy cost. You may also earn money by selling the unused power you generated back to the grid. For more information scan QR code and be up-to-date.

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