Hillhaven Condo

Hillhaven Condo’s Top-Notch Services and Facilities

Hillhaven Condo offers an idyllic residential setting, allowing residents to experience a tranquil living environment. The area’s numerous top-notch services and facilities help to meet the everyday needs of its inhabitants.

Hillhaven residents can enjoy dining establishments such as iO Italian Osteria, which features a rustic setting and authentic taste of Italy. In addition, Joyden Canton Kitchen serves up scrumptious Asian staples.


Hillhaven Condo is home to a diverse array of eateries, providing residents with a wide range of dining options to suit their needs. From upscale restaurants and trendy cafes to casual eateries and takeaway spots, the area has something for everyone. These establishments also serve as social hubs where locals gather, helping to create a sense of community. With their inviting ambiance and friendly service, these venues often feel like an extension of residents’ homes.

For wine lovers, the Wine Connection Bistro is a popular destination that offers a selection of premium Western cuisine. Meanwhile, iO Italian Osteria provides diners with a truly authentic culinary experience, while Joyden Canton Kitchen caters to those with a craving for Asian fare.

Moreover, the area is also surrounded by several esteemed educational institutions, including Lianhua Primary School and Hillgrove Secondary School. These prestigious schools help to further enhance the appeal of Hillhaven Condo, enabling families to enjoy an optimal combination of luxury, connectivity, and convenience.

Shopping Malls

Situated in the western region of Singapore, Hillhaven Condo is an enchanting residential area that seamlessly blends tranquility with modern convenience. The district is well-served by various shopping centres, catering to a wide variety of daily needs and leisure interests. These include HillV2, the Rail Mall, and West Mall.

The gastronomic scene in Hillhaven is just as diverse, with dining establishments like iO Italian Osteria and Joyden Canton Kitchen providing an array of culinary delights. The area also has plenty of casual eateries and takeout places that cater to the everyday needs of residents.

Moreover, Hillhaven Condo is close to prominent public transportation networks. This provides commuters with a wide range of travel options that help to alleviate traffic congestion and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. These public transport modes are a big draw for residents without their own vehicles, as they allow them to run errands and commute with ease. This is especially useful for residents working in the city centre.


Hillhaven Condo is surrounded by many top-notch schools that have made this area a popular residential destination among families with school-aged children. These reputable institutions include Lianhua Primary School, Hillgrove Secondary School, and the German European School Singapore (GESS). This international school is renowned for its multicultural atmosphere that fosters diversity, inclusivity, and global consciousness among students.

Dining establishments in the area offer an impressive selection of cuisines, from local favorites to internationally inspired-fare. HillV2 and the Rail Mall are home to an extensive array of eateries, retail outlets, and essential services that make living in this neighborhood convenient and satisfying.

Nature lovers can also enjoy the area’s close proximity to a number of parks and nature reserves. For instance, the Hindhede Nature Park offers a tranquil and scenic getaway with its gently-paved trails and well-equipped playgrounds. The site is also renowned for its stunning vistas that appeal to photography buffs and outdoor enthusiasts.


Hillhaven Condo offers residents a unique opportunity to live in close proximity to some of Singapore’s most prominent nature reserves and parks. For example, residents can embark on a nature discovery adventure at the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, an ASEAN Heritage Park that is home to a wide array of plant and animal species. Alternatively, they can take in the tranquil beauty of Hindhede Nature Park, which offers easy trails that can be enjoyed by casual walkers and nature enthusiasts alike.

The condominium’s enviable location also makes it an ideal residential choice for families with children, given the presence of a number of highly-respected educational institutions in the area. For instance, the nearby Lianhua Primary School and Hillgrove Secondary School are renowned for their rigorous curriculum that empowers students with essential life skills.

The Hillview MRT station located within the precinct is also a boon, allowing commuters to reach destinations such as Marina Bay and Chinatown in just a matter of minutes. Additionally, the upcoming Beauty World integrated transport hub will further enhance the area’s connectivity by providing an effortless link between MRT access points, bus interchanges, and retail amenities.

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