Joseline Cabaret Season 3 Cast

Joseline Cabaret is a new reality show that follows a group of girls who work at a cabaret. The cast includes some familiar faces from the music industry.

Joseline has been very popular on the show. She has a knack for making people laugh with her quick wit. She also has a strong personality.

Chanel Tso

The show chronicles Joseline Hernandez’s struggle to become an entrepreneur by launching her own cabaret. She hires a group of beautiful women to perform in her nightclub. However, she clashes with her dancers.

The girls gang up on Gaia for having a religious meltdown and wrestle Lexi to the ground before she leaves. Also, Henny and Raven fight. Later, Joseline selects ReRe, Lollipop, and Jordan to perform on her opening night.

Lexi Blow

After quitting Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez nabbed her own show on Zeus network called “Joseline Cabaret.” She brings her upper-class dancers to New York City.

The girls include Daisy, Henny, Yummy P, Mz Natural, TN’s Gaia Love and Florida’s BlckDiamond. However, squabbles and arguments still occur. Joseline demotes Yummie and has a conversation with Natural about their quarrel.

Mz Natural

As always, Joseline’s witty retorts made viewers laugh. She selects Lexi, Jordan, BossTec and Lollipop to join her in the cabaret.

Henny, Daisy and Chazzity Leslie also return. BlckDiamond and Raven face elimination after the first round.


The fifth episode oozes out the spirit of intense competitions and squabbles. Wet Wet and Kapri fight with each other, while Diamond insults Kapri’s face. Gaia quits the show, and Wet Wet goes to a hotel until things cool down.

Joseline chooses Lexi, Jordan, Lollipop and ReRe to perform with her on the lounge’s opening night, eliminating Raven, BlckDiamond, Henny and Wet Wet after a round of dancing. For more information, visit techbusinesstown.

Yummie P

Yummie P is a dancer with a unique style that promises to add a spark to the show. She’s also a fierce competitor and is sure to dazzle the audience during the final Vegas performance.

She recruits Sapphire and Lucky to live in her mansion, but the girls get into a fight, forming two cliques. Blue Face Barbie and BossTec are on one side, while Chanel, Natural, and Lexi Blow are on the other.

Melinda Lopez

Joseline Cabaret is an American reality television show that premiered in January 2020 on Zeus Network. The show stars Joseline Hernandez as she tries to launch her cabaret.

The cast consists of Joseline, Lollipop, Lexi, Henny, Kapri, and ReRe. The girls go through some major drama. A fight breaks out between Henny and Raven and a physical altercation happens between Joseline and Amber.

Amber Ward

Joseline’s Cabaret is a reality series on Zeus Network that follows the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta alum as she runs her club-centric business. She selects dancers from a variety of cities to perform at her upper-class cabaret.

The show has caused controversy due to Joseline’s harsh treatment of the dancers on her cast. Some dancers have sued her for assault.

Raven Diaz

The cast of Joseline Cabaret was extremely popular. It featured a variety of talented female dancers. Some of them made witty retorts that entertained viewers. Some of them even fought each other.

The show follows a group of strip club workers and their daily lives. It also shows their struggles to make ends meet. The cast includes Daisy, Lucky Hu$tla, Mz Natural, Yummy P, and Raven.


Episode 5 oozes with intense competitions and squabbles. In this episode, Gaia quits after being called a nigga by other dancers. She also fights with Lexi after she claims that the other girls stole her moves.

In the next round, Joseline chooses Jordan, Lollipop and ReRe to perform with her. She kicks out Raven, Henny and Blck Diamond. She adds another girl, Amber over Chanel, which surprises everyone.


The cast of Joseline Cabaret Season 3 features dancers from all over the country, including Ms Wet Wet from Bay Area, Tennessee’s Gaia Love, Henny from New York, and Atlanta’s K Kapri. This season also includes returning cast members like Chanel Tso and Big Lex.

The dancers get into a lot of fights. Amber discovers her dress has been sabotaged and vows revenge, while Lollipop lashes out at Lexi for keeping tips.

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