Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel

Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel: Passionate Tale of Love and Identity

In the realm of Urdu literature, a novel has emerged that captures the essence of passion and the complexities of societal norms. Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel, written by the talented Kainat Ejaz, is a story that delves deep into the themes of love, identity, and the struggles that come with them. This novel has enchanted readers with its intricate plot and the authenticity of those tribulations of navigating through love and societal expectations.

As we unravel the plot of this compelling narrative, we invite readers to explore the depths of a story that resonates with the fervor of love and the quest for self-discovery.some lines of Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel,

کارا کسی چیز میں شدت ہونا پھر بھی ایک پل کیلئے قابل پرداشت ہے لیکن جنون اور پاگل پن صرف ایک آگ جس میں انسان یا تو خود جل جائے گا یا باقی سب کو جلا کر راکھ کر دے گا۔۔۔

اور یقین کرو مجھے لوگوں کو جلانے میں بہت مزا آتا ہے۔۔۔
وہ اسکے بالوں میں انگلیاں پھنسا کر اس کی آنکھوں میں دیکھتے ہوئے بولا۔۔۔

Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel

Who is the Writer of Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel?

Kainat Ejaz, a young and prolific writer, has gained fame through her social media presence and her ability to weave compelling narratives. Her writing prowess has earned her a reputation for tackling sensitive topics like forced marriage and family dynamics.

TitleJunoon Tere Ishq Ka
AuthorKainat Ijaz
File Size11.5 MB

History of Kainat Ejaz

Kainat Ejaz, a co-founder and director at Studio for Digital Growth, has made a name for herself in the digital marketing sphere. Her writing journey began on social media platforms, where she shared her stories in an episode-based format, being published on various websites.

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History of Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel

Junoon Tere Ishq Ka is a romantic Urdu novel that explores themes of love, identity, and social issues. The story revolves around characters like Arabella, Aspera, Maleha Begum, Abdul Jabbar, and Arham. Who navigate a world of family dynamics, kidnapping, and forced marriage.

Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel

How To Download Junoon Tery Ishq Ka Novel.

You can download Junoon Tere Ishq Ka in PDF format from various websites, including Novel Galaxy, Lahorihub, and Study Notes. These platforms offer free downloads and online reading options, making it easy for readers to access the novel on their devices14810.

The plot of Junoon Tery Ishq Ka

The plot of Junoon Tery Ishq Ka revolves around the lives of Swara Gadodia and Sanskaar Maheshwari. Swara, the owner of the Gadodia empire, is a modern, fun-loving girl who has recently taken over the business after her parents’ death. Despite her affluent background, she is portrayed as a spoiled brat who indulges in drinking and partying.

Sanskaar, on the other hand, is the new CEO of Gadodia companies. He is characterized as hardworking, talented, loyal, and courageous. His life takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself in a compromising situation with Swara, leading to a series of events that challenge their perceptions of love and respect.

The story unfolds with Swara making a bold move that sets the stage for a tumultuous relationship with Sanskaar. The morning after a night of unexpected intimacy, Sanskaar wakes up to find Swara lying on his chest, leading to a whirlwind of emotions and decisions that will alter their lives forever.

As the narrative progresses, the characters are faced with the consequences of their actions and the weight of societal expectations. Swara’s struggle with her newfound responsibilities and Sanskaar’s battle with his sense of duty and loyalty create a dynamic interplay that drives the story forward.

The novel also touches upon the themes of forced marriage and family dynamics, as Swara and Sanskaar navigate through the expectations of their families and the pressures of the society they live in. The characters’ journeys are marked by moments of self-reflection, growth, and the pursuit of happiness against all odds.

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who are the main characters in Junoon Tery Ishq ka

Main Characters in Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel a captivating Urdu novel by Kainat Ejaz, features intriguing characters that navigate the complexities of love, identity, and societal norms. Here are the main characters from the novel:

  1. Swara Gadodia: The owner of the Gadodia empire, Swara is a modern, fun-loving girl who inherited the business after her parents’ death. She is portrayed as a spoiled brat who drinks and parties often.
  2. Sanskaar Maheshwari: The new CEO of Gadodia companies, Sanskaar is a hardworking, talented, loyal, and courageous person. He is engaged to Swara’s best friend, Kavita.
  3. Kavita: Swara’s best friend, Kavita is very sincere and acts like an elder sister to Swara. She is engaged to Sanskaar.
  4. Laksh: Swara’s manager and secret keeper, Laksh is amiable and loyal. He is willing to cross all limits to fulfill Swara’s commands.
  5. Ragini: Swara’s sister, Ragini is often seen in the company of Swara. She is a significant character in the novel.
  6. Shekhar and Sumi: Swara’s parents, who are concerned about Swara’s future and want her to marry.
  7. Sanskaar’s family: Sanskaar’s brother, Laksh, and their parents are also part of the story.

These characters’ intertwining relationships and struggles form the core of the novel’s plot, making it a compelling read for Urdu literature enthusiasts.

Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel
Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel

Description and Lessons of this Novel

Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel is a tale of love, identity, and the journey within. The novel’s characters and their struggles resonate with readers, offering valuable lessons about love, resilience, and the importance of self-discovery.

Lessons to Learn

“Junoon Tery Ishq Ka” is more than just a love story; it’s a reflection on the human condition, exploring themes of identity, societal pressure, and the quest for personal freedom. The novel encourages readers to question the norms that bind them, advocating for a life lived with authenticity and passion. The lessons gleaned from the pages of this novel are timeless, urging us to find our path in the pursuit of love and happiness.

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Kainat Ejaz More Novels

Kainat Ejaz has written several other novels, including Red Ishq, which also explores themes of love and social issues. Her work is available in PDF format on various platforms, providing readers with a rich collection of Urdu literature

Where to Find the Novel

For those eager to dive into the world of “Junoon Tery Ishq Ka,” the novel is available for download in PDF format from various online platforms. These sites offer free access to Kainat Ejaz’s work, making it easy for readers to immerse themselves in the captivating story she has woven.


Junoon Tery Ishq ka Novel by Kainat Ejaz is a testament to the power of social media in shaping the literary landscape. This novel, with its engaging plot and relatable characters, has captured the hearts of Urdu readers worldwide. With its availability in PDF format, readers can easily immerse themselves in the world of Kainat Ejaz’s writing, exploring themes of love, identity, and the human experience.

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