Lawn Care in Oakville

Maintaining a lush lawn is integral to creating the ideal landscape. Just like any crop, grass requires proper care in order to grow healthy.

Sodding and grading are essential lawn maintenance techniques that prevent soil erosion while simultaneously improving the look of your property.

General Cleanup

Grass should be cut at least once or twice every week during hot weather, without cutting it too short so as to create stress and vulnerability for dry spells. Too frequent mowings can damage its roots and slow or weaken growth. The ideal time and temperature to mow your lawn are late afternoon when the sun has set and temperatures have decreased; otherwise early morning or midday may work too depending on conditions. Dependable Lawn Care in Oakville provides reliable landscape services from weed control to fertilization; for more information or general area cleanup services contact them today if necessary!

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Prevent weeds from taking over your grass by being proactive against them! Pre-emergent herbicides should be part of every lawn care program; their timing and type depend on which weeds need treating.

Pre-emergents work by stopping weeds from emerging, not killing them; therefore, it must be applied prior to spring and fall seasons when new growth starts to appear.

Early spring pre-emergent application can significantly decrease summer annual weeds such as crabgrass, foxtail and sandbur by stopping their emergence before they have time to emerge. A second application of another pre-emergent in late summer to early fall can prevent winter annuals such as clover from germinating during their dormant period.

To ensure your pre-emergent is effective, it is vital to apply it evenly and minimize lawn activities such as aerating or mowing after application. Furthermore, be sure to water the soil after adding pre-emergent.


Maintaining the health of your lawn requires keeping its grass trimmed regularly to promote its proper development and promote lush, full flora. The ideal time and place for this is late afternoon after it has had time to dry; cutting wet grass could result in uneven cuts that weaken its blades.

As soon as the weather begins to change, midsummer grass trimming will need to reduce in frequency but remain regular in order for your grass to stay healthy as it prepares for frost and frost damage in autumn.

Locate your first frost date using farmer’s almanacs or local weather guides, and trim the lawn several times prior to this date, decreasing mower blade height each time. Our seasonal adaptive option provides weekly service through July before reducing to bi-weekly thereafter.


Fertilized grass looks healthier and is more resilient against disease, weeds and extreme temperatures. Fertilizers provide essential nutrients that support thick and healthy grass growth.

No fertilizer bag would be complete without three numbers prominently displayed: nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), and potassium (K). Each of these elements plays a crucial role in plant development – nitrogen promotes greenery while P and K help defend against diseases and weeds that attack grass growth.

Phosphorous promotes root growth, making it especially helpful for ornamental flowers and vegetables. Potassium boosts plant health overall and can help plants cope with stressors like heat or drought more easily.

Maintaining a quality lawn is essential to both quality of life and increasing resale value of your home, so contact Dependable Lawn Care now and discover how we can assist. Our professional landscaping crews are well known for their collaborative approach to landscape design and lawn care in Oakville; offering services such as seeding, sodding, lawn mowing service and more.

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