Panache by Mona

Panache by Mona – Where Luxury Meets Tradition

Panache by Mona is Pakistan’s premier luxury fashion brand, where opulence meets tradition. For over a decade, we have been crafting exquisite ensembles that reflect the essence of Pakistani heritage and artistry.

At Panache, we believe fashion is not just about clothing – it is a means of creative expression and an embodiment of one’s personality. Our collections are thoughtfully curated to cater to the diverse needs of modern women, ensuring you make an unforgettable impression on every occasion

Panache by Mona

who is the founder of Panache by Mona?

The founder of Panache by Mona is Mona Shahab. Some key details:

  • Panache started around 12 years ago (likely around 2012) by designer Mona Shahab. Her expertise in cuts, drapes, and blending luxury with tradition shaped the brand’s signature style.
  • Mona launched the brand under Mona Embroidery, which was a wholesaler she had founded earlier in 1995. Over time, Panache grew from an amateur brand into a premier fashion label under her leadership.
  • As the head designer and creative force, Mona oversees a team of talented designers at Panache. Her keen eye for detail and understanding of crafts establishes her as one of Pakistan’s leading couturiers.

So, Panache by Mona was founded around 2012 by designer Mona Shahab, who continues to lead the brand as its Creative Head. Starting from a small wholesaler, her vision and expertise helped shape Panache into one of Pakistan’s top fashion labels over the past decade.

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New Collection Panache by Mona

We take immense pride in launching new pret and formal collections every season that set the benchmark for Pakistani fashion. Staying ahead of trends, our designers envision ensembles blending luxury with comfort to create a truly exceptional experience.

The new Spring/Summer’24 collection by Panache reveals the spirit of new beginnings with a riot of joyful colors and breezy silhouettes. Drawing inspiration from the blooming gardens of Lahore, intricate floral motifs adorn diaphanous organzas and lustrous silks. Bold hues of fuchsia, lemon yellow, and emerald green reflect the burst of color that spring ushers.

The pret line features flared tunics with subtle accents of gotta, Mukesh, and zardozi work. The formalwear spotlights regal lehengas, ghararas, and farshi ghararas bedecked with badla, dabka, and zardozi embellishments.

Step into the new season in style with Panache’s SS’24 collection!

Panache by Mona

what are some examples of panache by Mona’s designs

Here are some examples of Panache by Mona’s designs:

Pret Wear:

  • Floral printed tunics with subtle gotta, mukaish, and zardozi embroidery accents
  • Short kurtis and cropped pants with geometric patterns and animal prints
  • Fuss-free silhouettes fused with traditional embroidery in vibrant hues

Luxury Pret:

  • Ornate embellished gowns, flared anarkalis, and flowing shararas for events
  • Accents of sequins, Mukesh, and zardozi work on ensembles
  • Meticulous craftsmanship and ornate designs reflect Pakistani heritage.


  • Regal lehengas, ghararas, and farshi ghararas decorated with badla, dabka, pearls
  • Intricate embellishments on pastel and jewel-toned ensembles
  • Focus on masterful craftsmanship and alluring bridalwear designs


  • Embellished khussas, playful pumps, statement heels, and sandals
  • Mughal Juttis collection of embroidered footwear with a focus on artistry

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Our luxury designers are the creative force behind the label’s success. They handpick only the finest fabrics and envision designs that push the boundaries of traditional fashion. Blending their expertise in Eastern and Western silhouettes, the design team brings to life ensembles that are avant-garde yet steeped in culture.

The head designer, Mona Shahab, launched the brand 12 years ago. Her keen eye for detail, mastery over crafts, and understanding of cuts and drapes establish her as one of Pakistan’s leading couturiers. She leads a talented team of Karachi-based designers who bridge the gap between conventional and contemporary to create fusion fashion that has a unique Panache signature.

Formals & Bridals

Panache’s formal and bridal collections are crafted to make you feel like royalty on special occasions. The brand has redefined Pakistani formalwear with luxurious, ornate, and imaginative ensembles while remaining socially conscious.

The bridal line spotlights regal lehengas, ghararas, and farshi ghararas that reflect the grandeur of Mughal royalty. Intricately embroidered using badla, dabka, gota, zardozi, pearls, and sequins work, these ensembles make bridal dreams come alive. The pastel color palette adds softness while the jewel tones infuse vibrancy.

The formal collection offers ornately detailed gowns, flared anarkalis, and flowing shararas for glamorous events. Accents of Mukesh, sequins, and zardozi work elevate these ensembles. With a focus on meticulous craftsmanship and alluring designs, Panache’s formals and bridals make red carpet fashion accessible.


Panache’s Pret line trending now allows you to make everyday fashion exciting while keeping comfort foremost. Encompassing tunics, short shirts, and cropped pants – the designs fuse traditional charm with contemporary chic.

Floral motifs, geometric patterns, and animal prints rendered in vibrant hues add quirkiness to the mix. Subtle accents of dabka, zardozi, cutdana, and mukaish work adorn these easy breezy styles. The fuss-free silhouettes with Panache’s signature finish craft an ideal fusion wear wardrobe.

Panache by Mona

Shoe Collection

The brand takes footwear just as seriously as clothing with the launch of Panache Shoes. Blending luxury with functionality, the collection offers statement heels, pumps, kolhapuris, and chassis crafted by skilled artisans.

The Mughal Juttis collection of embellished khussas is ideal for traditional wear while the Playful Pumps with block heels and pointed toes adds modern glam. The Bold & Beautiful collection features vibrant heels and sandals that make comfort chic. With a focus on artistry and quality, Panache Shoes promises to make you walk tall in style.


To experience the magic of Panache by Mona Embroidery, visit our outlet:

Panache by Mona
Block C-1 Plot # D-25
Siemens Roundabout
Near Generation School
Karachi, Pakistan

Phone: +92 300 8220046

+92 3008273339

Email: [email protected]


We invite fashion enthusiasts to explore our world where luxury meets tradition. Our online boutique offers worldwide shipping and our friendly customer service is always ready to assist you.

Get ready to discover the perfect ensemble that reflects your personality from Panache’s exclusive collections. Your journey to luxury and style begins here.

what is the history of Panache by Mona

Here is a summary of the history of Panache by Mona:

Panache by Mona started as a small brand under Mona Embroidery. Over time, through dedication and quality craftsmanship, it has grown into one of Pakistan’s premier luxury fashion labels.

The brand was launched around 12 years ago (likely around 2012) by designer Mona Shahab. Her expertise in Eastern and Western cuts and silhouettes enabled her to craft designs that blended luxury with tradition. Along with her team of skilled designers based in Karachi, she shaped the unique Panache signature that the brand is now known for.

Initially, Panache operated via a small outlet in Karachi. Today, it has expanded to multiple outlets across major Pakistani cities. The brand offers high-end luxury pret wear, formal ensembles, bridal wear, footwear, and more. Staying ahead of trends each season, Panache has built a reputation for its craftsmanship, quality, and attention to privacy-policy detail.

Over the past decade, Panache by Mona has cemented itself as a lifestyle brand that caters to the diverse fashion needs of modern women. It has become a gateway into a world of opulence, where every outfit tells a story and reflects the essence of Pakistani heritage.

So, Panache started small around 12 years ago but through consistent quality and capturing the essence of blending luxury with tradition, it has experienced immense growth and now has a strong national presence. The brand continues to set benchmarks in Pakistani fashion as it weaves its own unique success story.

what is the price range of Panache by Mona’s latest collection

Some price ranges I found are:

  • Luxury Pret: Regular price ranges from Rs. 19,200 – Rs. 24,000. Sale prices range from Rs. 19,200.
  • Casual Wear: Prices like Rs. 8,400 regular and sale price. Other products are priced at Rs. 10,500.
  • Shoes: Regular price ranges from Rs. 3,520 – Rs. 4,400.

So based on this, Panache’s regular prices seem to range between approximately Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 24,000. Sale prices are similar or identical to regular prices in the examples shown. The latest seasonal collection or new arrivals pricing is not provided explicitly.

I would estimate the new collection price range likely falls within the above ranges indicated for categories like luxury pret and casual wear. But exact current pricing is not available or specified from the information found in these search results. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!

Are there any discounts available for Panache by Mona’s latest collection

The Panache website shows regular pricing and sale pricing for various categories like luxury pret, casual wear, shoes, etc. But it does not specify if the sale prices are for older collections or apply to new arrivals/latest collections as well

. Some examples of pricing:

  • Luxury Pret regular prices range from Rs. 19,200 – Rs. 24,000. The sale prices shown are identical at Rs. 19,200.
  • Casual wear is priced at Rs. 8,400 regular and sale price in one case.

The other websites mostly showcase Panache’s clothing collections and pricing but do not provide details about discounts or sales for the newest collections.

So in summary, while Panache does seem to offer some sale pricing on regular items, there is no clear information on any discounts currently applicable or available for their latest or newest collections.


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