Smell-Proof Bags

Smell-Proof Bags for Outdoor Dining

When you are packing for a picnic at one of Michigan’s beaches or parks or to take along on a hike, it is important to have Smell proof bags.

These bags are infused with activated carbon which absorbs and locks in odors. They are also airtight and waterproof.

The bag can be used for other purposes as well, such as storing sweaty clothes after a workout so your car doesn’t stink.

Bags for Cold Food

Whether you’re grabbing a quick takeout lunch for work or planning on packing a spread for your family’s next picnic, an insulated bag will keep cold foods like salads and sandwiches fresh until you’re ready to eat them. Many insulated bags also come with features like leakproof closures and a molded base to prevent the bag from collapsing when filled up.

Depending on the size of the bag you choose, these can hold everything from an entire picnic spread to a couple of burgers and drinks for a day out. If you want a stylish, sleek-looking option that can double as a tote, look for a thermal food bag with a personalization window so that you can add initials or a special message. Alternatively, opt for a more neutral, minimalistic style that can easily pair with any outfit. You can also find cooler bags that come in a variety of colors and sizes. Many of them are even designed to stand up on their own when empty.

Bags for Hot Food

If you’re planning a picnic for a large group or for a specific theme, you may need more supplies. Consider a cooler, especially one that’s insulated to keep foods and drinks cold longer. You might also want to bring a collapsible picnic table or some camping chairs, and you definitely need to bring a blanket, which you can cover with a colorful picnic sheet if desired.

If your picnic site won’t have a trash can, make sure to bring garbage bags to collect and dispose of all your leftover food and plastic items. Wet wipes are good to have on hand, too, for wiping hands, spills and messes that are inevitable during outdoor picnics.

Picnics can be fun and relaxing for the entire family, and it’s a great way to catch up with friends. Add some music and a deck of cards or board games to the mix, and you’ve got a lovely day of laid-back outdoor fun.

Bags for Cold Drinks

When it comes to storing cold drinks, insulated cooler bags provide superior insulation compared to the typical picnic basket. This makes them a great alternative for taking on camping trips or family picnics.

Unlike traditional picnic baskets, these cool bags can easily fit all of your food and drink items without losing their cold temperature. They are also less clunky and feature outside pockets for stowing extra food or personal items.

Whether you need to pack a few cans of beer for a game at the stadium or a cooler full of juices and smoothies for a family picnic, this portable cooler bag can hold it all. It’s also available with custom printing and a wide variety of patterns and colors to match your style. The insulated exterior keeps contents cold and the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry. It even has a convenient exterior bottle opener and hitch point grid. Designed to last, it’s made with the same DryHide shell as many YETI products and is puncture-resistant and leakproof.

Bags for Hot Drinks

Whether it’s an afternoon meal during a road trip or a spread at the campsite, picnics aren’t complete without a few creature comforts. One of the most important is a sturdy blanket that can overcome even mild Spring weather. Rumpl’s insulated and waterproof puffy blanket is odor resistant, easy to clean and packs into a stuff sack when not in use.

Food safety rules are a little different when eating out-of-doors. Cold foods (including meat, eggs, fish and precooked meals) need to be stored at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid pathogens. The CDC offers some great tips for ensuring a safe picnic.

Keeping your hands clean is also a must-do to minimize the spread of bacteria and germs. Adding disposable latex gloves to your pack can help protect your hands when handling raw foods or cleaning dirty utensils. These are also available in a collapsible pouch that fits in the corner of your basket or bag.

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