Strategy Consultant Toronto

Strategy consultant Toronto provide their services to assist their clients with strategic decision-making processes, from drafting a business plan and helping implement projects, to helping formulate growth agendas such as market entry strategies.

Strategy consulting firms also offer services in terms of economic policy setting and supporting mergers & acquisitions; with latter typically including due diligence advisory work as well as creating merger business cases.


Kearney Consulting Services are renowned management consultants offering an array of management services. Their consultants help clients solve complex issues by offering strategic insight and an effective working style; Kearney works with some of the world’s largest government and nonprofit organizations and three-quarters of Fortune Global 500.

The company assists companies in increasing their competitive edge through data and technology. Their experts can assist your business by analyzing trends and identifying digital disruptors; optimizing current infrastructure; and developing strategies to adapt with changing markets.

Kearney offers an exceptional opportunity for exposure to major clients and career growth. Their tight-knit culture means summer associates receive ample responsibility from day one; however, finding balance can be challenging due to all the travel required.

Neal Walters

Neal Walters is a partner at Kearney and works in their energy practice. He assists companies involved with capital-intensive industries with operations improvement, supply chain strategy, project management and decision making for business strategy and risk. Neal has presented at major conferences as well as been quoted in media about topics ranging from operational risks to energy market trends.

Beth Phillips, Neal’s assistant, states her job is to keep his Outlook calendar full from dawn to dinnertime and ensure he knows who all his meeting attendees are when he arrives at meetings. According to Phillips, Neal often writes emails at 3 a.m. and stays busy even while his children attend school days.

Neal was an NBA player for Philadelphia 76ers from 1995-96, averaging 6.8 points per game on average. Additionally, he served as an assistant coach with Blue Valley Northwest High School to win Kansas Class 6A state tournament championships.

Steven Mehltretter

Steven Mehltretter is a partner at Kearney specializing in strategy and operations. With more than two decades of experience in business transformation and performance improvement, his expertise lies primarily within resources and heavy process industries, where he led major projects including operations improvement, supply chain management, capital effectiveness, profitability improvement and complexity reduction. Steven has written extensively on these subjects as well as presented at conferences. In addition, his TV and radio appearances include 11 Madison St in Mastic NY as well as 60 70th Street Apt 33 Ridgewood NY where his former addresses resided before joining Kearney Toronto office based on family obligations he left after leaving Kearney Toronto office as wife remained married with two children living there until moving out in 2010.

Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman is a management consulting firm offering advice to global corporations. Their consultants specialize in strategy, operations, risk management and organization transformation for Fortune 100 clients of Marsh & McLennan Companies; Oliver Wyman also prides itself on its diversity and inclusion practices.

Alex Oliver and Bill Wyman founded the firm in 1984 to take advantage of deregulation of the financial services industry. Both former partners at Booz Allen Hamilton, they now run this firm with offices in over 60 cities worldwide.

Oliver Wyman interviews are rigorous and highly selective. After two phone interviews, candidates will be invited for conversational and case interviews with partners and senior members; case interviews typically consist of candidate-led and interviewer-led problems to test analytical abilities.

The company boasts an inclusive workforce and values teamwork. Employees at this location are known for their passion and work ethic; in addition, they live within a community which fosters open collaboration and respect among its members.

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