Airport Green Garden Map

Are you looking for a perfect place to live in Islamabad Pakistan? Airport Green Garden is an ideal choice for you. Airport Green Garden is a famous housing society located on Kashmir Highway in Islamabad Pakistan. 

Shaukat Ali Kiyan is the owner of it. In this article, we will look at the details of Airpot Green Garden including its map, location, payment plans, and facilities.

Airport Green Garden Map
LocationSituated on Kashmir Highway, Islamabad, near Mumtaz City.
Plot SizesOffers plots ranging from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal.
OwnerShaukat Ali Kiyani (deceased)
Educational InstitutionsVarious installment options are available for plot purchases.
Healthcare FacilitiesModern hospital with 24/7 Emergency Quick Response Unit (EQRU).
Payment PlansVarious installment options available for plot purchases.
Airport Green Garden Map 

Airport Green Garden Map 

The Airpot Green Garden Map is available on various platforms. You can find the Airport Green Garden map on and emap. pk. 

These Maps provide detailed information about the society’s layout including the locations of blocks roads and facilities.

Locations and Directions

Airport Green Garden is located on Srinagar Highway in Islamabad near Mumtaz City. You can easily reach Airpot Green Garden Islamabad by driving 15 km on Srinagar Highway and it’s on your left. 

From Rawalpindi drive 20 km on Srinagar Highway and it’s on your right. From the New Islamabad Airport drive 5 km on Srinagar Highway and it’s on your left.

Airport Green Garden Block A 

Airport Green Garden Block A is located near Islamabad on the main Kashmir Highway. You can easily reach it from Islamabad or the New Islamabad International Airport. The block is close to the TopCity-1 Housing Scheme.

It offers 5 Marla plots with facilities like electricity and water. The Price range starts from PKR 34 lakh to PKR 50-52 lakh.

Airport Green Garden Map

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Airport Green Garden Block B 

Airport Green Garden Block B is a part of the housing scheme on the main Kashmir Highway near Islamabad. About 80 villas are being built in Block B. The block offers different sizes of villas. 

5 Marla plots in the scheme range from PKR 34 lakh to PKR 50-52 lakh based on size and location.

Airport Green Garden Map

Airpot Green Garden Block C

Airport Green Garden Block C is one of the three blocks in the housing scheme. The Development work of it is in progress. The block offers plots in different sizes 5 Marla 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. 

The Price range for 5 Marla plots is from PKR 34 lakh to PKR 50-52 lakh, depending on location.

Airport Green Garden Map

Development History

Shaukat Ali Kiyan owns Airpot Green Garden. Airport Green Garden is approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) with reference number RDA/MP&TE/F-PHS-212/837. The society is divided into many sections. 

They offer various plot varieties at reasonable prices featuring well-maintained roads streetlights, a peaceful atmosphere, and security teams for safety.

Owner of Airpot Green Garden 

Shaukat Ali Kiyani was the owner and CEO of Airport Green Garden.And he recently passed away. 

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Educational Institutions 

Airport Green Garden offers various educational institutions for residents including high standard schools in every block and technical and professional institutes providing specialized education and training. 

These institutions make sure residents have access to quality education for their children.

Healthcare Facilities

Airport Green Garden has excellent healthcare facilities for residents. It includes a modern hospital with doctors and paramedics available for quick medical help. 

The Emergency Quick Response Unit (EQRU) provides 24/7 emergency services. These facilities ensure residents get the best medical care in the community.

Price List 

Plot SizePriceDown PaymentInstallmentsAdditional Charges
25×50PKR 6,000,000PKR 1,800,0006 QuarterlyCorner Plot: 10%
30×60PKR 7,800,000PKR 2,340,0006 QuarterlyMain Road Plot: 10%
35×65PKR 9,500,000PKR 2,850,0006 QuarterlyPark Facing Plot: 10%
50×90PKR 16,000,000PKR 4,800,0006 QuarterlyMain Road + Corner Plot: 15%
Price List

Facilities and Services 

The society offers a range of facilities including

  • Green parks
  • Zoo
  • Mosque
  • Fully equipped hospital
  • Modern commercial center
  • CCTV surveillance and security
  • Uninterrupted utilities
  • Broadband internet
  • Mini golf club
  • Kids theme park
  • 3D/iMax cinema
  • 24/7 emergency center


Airport Green Garden developed by Shaukat Ali Kiyani offers modern living on Kashmir Highway in Islamabad, Pakistan. It has different plot sizes schools, and healthcare facilities making it great for families. It is approved by RDA it provides a secure and well-connected community with easy payment plans.


Where is Airport Green Garden located?

Airport Green Garden is situated on the Kashmir Highway in Islamabad, Pakistan, near Mumtaz City.

What types of plots are available in Airport Green Garden?

Airport Green Garden offers plots of various sizes including 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

How can I find the map of Airport Green Garden?

You can find the map of Airport Green Garden on platforms like,, and

Who owns Airport Green Garden?

Shaukat Ali Kiyani was the owner and CEO of Airport Green Garden until his recent passing.

How can I access Airport Green Garden from Islamabad?

From Islamabad, drive approximately 15 km on Srinagar Highway towards Mumtaz City, and the society will be on your left.

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