Gulshan e Maymar Map

Gulshan e Maymar Map

Are you looking for a perfect and safe place to live in Karachi Pakistan? Gulshan e Maymar is a first choice for you. It is a famous housing society located in Karachi Pakistan. Maymar Housing Services develop it. 

The housing project covers 1,023 acres of land with 13 phases of development.  In this article, we will look at the details of Gulshan e Meymar including the Map, payment plans, and facilities.  

Gulshan e Maymar Map
LocationKarachi, Pakistan
Development Size1,023 acres with 13 phases
FacilitiesSchools, Hospitals, Mosques, Parks, Shopping Centers
Property OptionsResidential Plots (5 Marla to 1 Kanal), Commercial Plots, Houses, Apartments
Connectivity10 km from Sohrab Goth, 15 km from Expo Center, accessible via Waze
Contact InformationEmail: [email protected], Phone: +92-21-34556593 – 7, UAN: 111-maymar
Gulshan e Meymar Map

Gulshan e Meymar Map

The Gulshan e Maymar map is available on various platforms. You can find the map on and emap. pk. 

These maps provide detailed information about the society’s layout including the locations of blocks roads and facilities.

Locations and Directions 

It is a residential society in Karachi Pakitan near the Super Highway in KDA Schemes 45 and 33. It’s 10 km from Sohrab Goth and 15 km from the Expo Center. For easy directions, use the Waze app and search for Gulshan-e-Maymar Road.

Gulshan e Maymar Postal Code

The postal code for it in Karachi Pakistan is 75340. 

Post Office 

The Gulshan e Meymar Post Office is at 247H+H3J, Sector Z Karachi. The postal code is 07526.

Gulshan-e-Maymar Sector T Map

It is a large residential society off the Super Highway in Karachi. Maymar Housing Services develop it. Sector T is one of its many sections. 

You can easily find your plot in Sector T using a detailed map from and Pins. pk. This community offers modern amenities and a well-planned layout for comfortable living.

Gulshan e Maymar Map

Gulshan e Meymar Distance 

Here are the distances from Gulshan-e-Maymar to various locations in Karachi, Pakistan

  • Karachi: 24 km (15.53 miles)
  • Tariq Road: 25 km (15.53 miles)
  • Sea View Road: 44 km (27.34 miles)

Development History 

Gulshan e Maymar was developed by Maymar Housing Services which Mr. Hafiz Sadiq Hussain and the Late Mr. Syed Mazhar Ali founded. It was formally launched in 1980.

It covers 1,023 acres of land with 13 phases of development.  The area is divided into many sections. 

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Education System

It offers high-quality schools with excellent staff and facilities. You’ll find Sir Syed School The Educators Campus and Government Degree Girls College. 

They offer quality education including scholarships with a focus on subjects like Political Science taught by lecturer Parveen Akhtar (BS-17).

Gulshan e Maymar Map

Healthcare Facilities 

It offers various healthcare options

  • Maymar Medical Centre and Al-Shifa Dental Clinic provide medical and dental services within the society.
  • Afsar Memorial Hospital Faiz E Aam General Hospital & Maternity Home and Aga Hospital offer comprehensive medical care.
  • In-house clinics like Pasha Clinic and Al-Awan Clinic cater to resident medical needs.
  • EHAD Healthcare (Maymar) offers specialist consultations with up to 50% fee savings through in-person or online appointments.
Gulshan e Maymar Map


Gulshan e Meymar has mosques in every block to serve resident’s religious needs.

Masjid-o-Imam Bargah Muhibban-e-Mustafa (S.A.W)

  • Location: Sector X New Karachi, Pakistan
  • Distance: Approximately 0.3 km away from Gulshan-e-Maymar

Masjid Abu Hurayraa

  • Location: Sector X New Karachi, Pakistan
  • Distance: Approximately 0.3 km away from Gulshan-e-Mayma. 

Gulshan e Meymar Price List

Residential Plots for Sale

Plot SizePrice Range
5 Marla89 Lacs – 1.80 Crore
10 Marla1.80 Crore – 3.60 Crore
1 Kanal3.60 Crore – 6.75 Crore
Residential Plots Price

Commercial Plots for Sale

Plot SizePrice Range
1 Kanal3.5 Crore – 6.75 Crore
2 Kanal7.00 Crore – 12.00 Crore
4 Kanal14.00 Crore – 24.00 Crore
8 Kanal28.00 Crore – 48.00 Crore
16 Kanal56.00 Crore – 96.00 Crore
Commercial Plots Price

House and Apartment Prices

Property TypePrice Range
Houses85 Lacs – 6.75 Crore
Apartments45.27 Lacs – 92 Lacs
House and Apartment Prices

Sector-wise Prices

SectorPrice Range
Sector T63 Lacs – 2.54 Crore
Sector X63 Lacs – 2.54 Crore
Sector Z63 Lacs – 2.54 Crore
Sector-wise Prices

Contact Information

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +92-21-34556593 – 7
  • UAN: 111-Maymar
  • Address: Al-Khaleej Towers Shaheed-e-Millat Road Karachi

Facilities and Services 

  • Water Connections
  • 24/7 Security
  • Annual Maintenance Fee
  • Electricity Provider
  • Community Centre
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • Green Spaces
  • Public Transport

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Gulshan-e-Maymar in Karachi offers a modern residential community spread across 1,023 acres with 13 phases of development. It features quality education healthcare facilities and different property options. The area includes mosques green spaces and convenient access to essential facilities providing a secure and comfortable living environment in Karachi.


What is Gulshan-e-Maymar?

It is a large residential society in Karachi, developed by Maymar Housing Services, offering modern living amenities.

How large is Gulshan-e-Maymar?

Spanning 1,023 acres, it comprises 13 phases and multiple sectors, providing a spacious and planned community.

What educational institutions are available in Gulshan-e-Maymar?

The society hosts schools like Sir Syed School and The Educators, offering quality education with scholarships.

What are the property options in Gulshan-e-Maymar?

It offers residential plots, commercial plots, houses, and apartments with varying sizes and price ranges.

What are the transportation options around Gulshan-e-Maymar?

Public transport services and accessible roadways provide easy connectivity to Karachi’s major areas.

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