Gulberg Residencia Map

Gulberg Residencia Map

Are you looking for a perfect place to live in Islamabad Pakistan? Gulberg Residencia is a first choice for you. Guleberg Residencia is a famous housing project located in Islamabad Pakistan. Gulberg Residencia is a housing project developed by the (IBECHS). 

The housing project covers over 1500 Kanals and offers great and modern living for residents. The society is mostly green with 80% of the area being parks and gardens offering a peaceful place to live. In this article, we will look at the details of Gulberg Residencia including the Map, payment plans, and facilities.  

Gulberg Residencia Map
Green SpacesApproximately 80% of the area
FacilitiesSchools, hospitals, mosques, parks, wide roads, underground wiring, utilities, waste management
Plot Sizes and Prices5 Marla – 2 Kanal, with corresponding price ranges
Access PointsChak Shahzad, Naval Anchorage; accessible from major roads and points in Islamabad
Security MeasuresDedicated security with surveillance and gated access points
Gulberg Residencia Map

Gulberg Residencia Map

The Gulberg Residencia Islamabad map is available on various platforms. You can find the Gulberg Residencia Islamabad map on and emap. pk. These maps provide detailed information about the society’s layout including the locations of blocks roads and facilities.

Locations and Directions

Gulberg Residencia’s main entrance is at Chak Shahzad and Naval Anchorage. It’s 7 km from Islamabad Expressway 10 km from GT Road 6 km from Gulberg Greens 17 km from Islamabad Airport and Zero Point and 14 km from T Chowk. 

The Gulberg Expressway connects Gulberg Residencia to other areas. The Javed Noor Bridge connects Gulberg Residencia to Gulberg Greens, and the Naval Anchorage link road takes you to B Block.

Gulberg Residencia Block A Map

Gulberg Residencia Block A is near the main entrance giving residents easy access to major roads and shopping areas. In Gulberg Residencia Block A developers have fully developed one-kanal plots. The Plot sizes available include 7 marlas 10 marlas, and 1 kanal.

Currently, 58% of the land is still under development and 2% near the village is not yet owned by the developer. These plot owners will likely be adjusted in the grand executive block.

Gulberg Residencia Map

Gulberg Residencia Block b Map

Gulberg Block B is near the main entrance giving residents easy access to major roads and shopping areas. The block offers plots of sizes 7 Marla 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. 

The block is linked to the society’s main road. Making it easy to reach other parts of the society and nearby areas.  

Gulberg Residencia Map

Gulberg Block C Map

Gulberg Block C is near the main entrance giving residents easy access to major roads and shopping areas. The block offers different selections of plot sizes to meet various needs and budgets including 7 Marla (30×60) 10 Marla (35×70) 12 Marla (40×80), and 1 Kanal (50×90). 

Gulberg Residencia Map

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The Block is connected to the Islamabad Expressway making it easy for residents to reach major areas in Islamabad.

Development History

Gulberg residencia was developed by the Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS) Islamabad. They started this project in 2006 and completed this project in 2020. 

The owner of Gulberg Residencia owner is (IBECHS). It covers 1500 Kanals. The area is divided into many sections. 

Educational Institutions 

Gulberg Residencia Islamabad offers high quality schools with excellent staff and facilities as well as colleges for further education. 

Healthcare Facilities

Gulberg Residencia Islamabad provides various healthcare facilities including hospitals with 24-hour services and highly educated staff as well as medical clinics to serve resident’s healthcare needs.

Gulberg Residencia Map

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Gulberg Residencia Islamabad has mosques in every block to serve resident’s religious needs. Each mosque is strategically located for easy access and provides a peaceful environment for worship. A large Jamiya mosque is planned for the society.

Gulberg Residencia Map

Gulberg Residencia Price List

Plot SizePrice Range (PKR)
5 Marla17,00,000 – 30,00,000
7 Marla30,00,000 – 160,00,000
10 Marla35,00,000 – 225,00,000
12 Marla50,00,000 – 225,00,000
1 Kanal55,00,000 – 325,00,000
2 Kanal100,00,000 – 350,00,000
Price List

Facilities and Services

The project offers a range of modern amenities, including:

  • Wide roads
  • Underground wiring
  • Piped gas and water supply
  • 24/7 electricity and water supply
  • Waste management
  • Dedicated security
  • Mosques, schools, hospitals, and parks within each block
  • Commercial areas, including D-Markaz with shops offices, and other facilities.


Gulberg Residencia in Islamabad is a big housing area made by IBECHS. It has lots of green spaces and good roads. There are schools hospitals and mosques in each area. The prices for plots are fair and you can easily reach other places using the Gulberg Expressway.


Who developed Gulberg Residencia?

The Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS) developed Gulberg Residencia.

How much of Gulberg Residencia is green space?

Parks and gardens designate approximately 80% of the area within Gulberg Residencia

What facilities are available within Gulberg Residencia?

Gulberg Residencia offers amenities such as schools, hospitals, mosques, parks, wide roads, underground wiring, piped gas and water supply, 24/7 electricity and water supply, waste management, and dedicated security.

How can I access the Gulberg Residencia map?

You can find the Gulberg Residencia map on various platforms like,, and

Are there any educational institutions within the society?

Yes, Gulberg Residencia offers high-quality schools and colleges for residents’ educational needs.

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