Master City Gujranwala Map

Master City Gujranwala Map

Are you looking for a perfect place to live in Gujranwala Pakistan? Master City Gujranwala is the ideal choice for you. Master City Gujranwala is a popular housing society in the center of Gujranwala Pakistan.

 It is developed by the famous Master Group. This housing society offers you a unique blend of luxury comfort and modern living. In this article, we will look at the details of Master City Gujranwala, including its location, payment plans, and facilities.

Master City Gujranwala Map
DeveloperMaster Group, a trusted name with 37 years of experience
LocationSialkot Road, Gujranwala, Pakistan
Key FacilitiesGood schools, reliable healthcare, and modern amenities
Housing OptionsResidential plots, commercial plots, and houses
Payment Plans12 quarterly installments for easy payments
PricesCompetitive, with options for different budgets
Master City Gujranwala Map

Master City Gujranwala Map

The Master City Gujranwala map is available on various platforms. You can find the Master City Gujranwala Map on and emap. pk. These maps provide detailed information about the society’s layout including the location of different blocks of roads and amenities. 

Location and Directions

Master City Gujranwala is located on Sialkot Road. It isa big street in Gujranwala. You can easily reach Master City from any part of the city, and it’s close to downtown too. 

And you can also reach it easily from neighboring cities like Lahore and Sialkot using the Grand Trunk Road.

Master City Gujranwala Phase 2

Master City Gujranwala Phase 2 is currently under development. The master plan for this phase includes lots of places for homes and businesses. Giving residents lots of chances to invest and grow their opportunities.

Development History

Master City Gujranwala is a project of Master Group of Industries, which is a famous name in the industrial sector of Pakistan. Master City was launched in 2012. The society is divided into several blocks each with its services and facilities. 

Master City offers a range of residential plots commercial plots and houses of different sizes. The society has good roads streetlights and a modern sewage system. There is also a security team to keep residents safe.

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Educational Institutions

Master City Gujranwala cares about education and offers many choices for students of all ages from preschools to universities. The schools and colleges have modern facilities and experienced teachers to give students a good education.

Master City Gujranwala Map

Healthcare Facilities

Master City Gujranwala has good healthcare with hospitals clinics and pharmacies. Residents get good health care from skilled staff using modern equipment.

Master City Gujranwala Map

Public Transportation

In Master City Gujranwala there’s a good public transportation system with buses and rickshaws. Buses follow specific routes and are affordable for residents and visitors. Rickshaws are great for short trips within the community. 

Master City Gujranwala Price List

The Master City Gujranwala price list is highly competitive and offers you a range of options to suit different budgets. The prices for different plot sizes are as follows. 

SizeTotal PriceBookingConfirmation
5 Marla2,250,000225,000337,800
10 Marla3,975,000400,000594,200
1 Kanal7,600,000700,0001,200,000
2 Kanal15,200,0001,500,0002,300,000
Price List

Master City Gujranwala Installment Plan

The installment plan for Master City Gujranwala is set up to make payments easier. It’s divided into 12 quarterly installments.

SizeTotal PriceInstallments
5 Marla2,250,000140,000
10 Marla3,975,000248,000
1 Kanal7,600,000475,000
2 Kanal15,200,000950,000
Installment Plan

Master City Gujranwala Facilities and Services

Master City Gujranwala provides various facilities and services to give residents a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Some of the key facilities include

  • 24/7 Security
  • Waste Disposal System
  • Underground Electricity Systems
  • Hospitals and General Stores
  • Educational Institutes
  • Commercial Markets
  • Family Parks
  • Master Castle Marquee

Master City Gujranwala Owners and Developers

In Master City Gujranwala you’re in good hands with the Master Group. They’re a trusted real estate developer in Pakistan with over 37 years of experience. They focus on creating excellent projects that meet people’s needs.

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Master City Gujranwala is a great place to live in Gujranwala, Pakistan. It is Built by the trusted Master Group it combines luxury comfort and modern living. With good schools reliable healthcare and excellent facilities, it offers a great lifestyle. It provides Affordable payment plans and competitive prices making it a smart choice for homebuyers.


How can I download the Master City Gujranwala map in PDF format?

To download the Master City Gujranwala map in PDF format, you can visit the official website of the Master City Gujranwala. From there, you can easily download the map in PDF format.

Where is Master City located in Gujranwala?

Master City Gujranwala is located on Sialkot Bypass Road, near Alipur Chatha Road, Gujranwala. It is easily accessible from the main city and is situated in a prime location.

What are the latest developments in Phase 2 of Master City Gujranwala?

The latest developments in Phase 2 of Master City Gujranwala include the construction of new roads, the installation of street lights, and the development of new parks and playgrounds. The developers are also working on the installation of underground electricity and water supply systems.

Where can I find the latest price list for Master City Gujranwala?

You can find the latest price list for Master City Gujranwala on the official website of Master City Gujranwala. The price list is updated regularly, and you can also contact the sales team for more information.

How can I find directions to Master City Gujranwala?

You can easily find directions to Master City Gujranwala by using Google Maps or any other map application. You can also visit the official website of Master City Gujranwala, where you will find a detailed map and directions.

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