Common Machines Found on Construction Sites

Construction workers use many types of heavy machinery and equipment. This machinery allows construction workers to complete projects safely and efficiently. They can do more in less time. What are some common machines found on construction sites?


Bulldozers are essential pieces of heavy construction equipment that help prepare land for major building projects. With their large, metal blades, they can clear and level land quickly by pushing or dragging debris and dirt out of the way. Bulldozers can completely remove topsoil or vegetation from an area, leaving flat and open ground ready for additional equipment to come in. They come equipped with a heavy-duty engine, such as the cat c12 horsepower model, to complete these tasks.


Cranes are another vital type of construction equipment. Cranes have long horizontal booms with cables and pulleys used to hoist and precisely lower materials. Some cranes are mounted on trucks while others have caterpillar tracks for mobility around sites with difficult terrain. Cranes do the heavy lifting. They lift steel beams during building framing, lift precast concrete components into place, hoist roofing materials, and more. Their long reaches allow materials to be placed exactly where needed.


Forklifts are found on many construction sites. The forklift typically has two-pronged arms that slide under a load, lift it several feet off the ground, and enable the vehicle to then drive and reposition the materials when needed. Forklifts range from small standup electric models to large rugged diesel-powered machines capable of hauling several tons.  

Construction sites utilize forklifts to unload materials like lumber, metal beams, pipes, concrete blocks, and pallets of bricks from delivery trucks and move them to where they will be staged for the project build. Forklifts allow a few workers to quickly relocate these cumbersome construction components between job site delivery, storage, and installation locations. Operators must be trained and certified for safety due to the size and weight capacities involved. Proper use of forklifts increases productivity and efficiency on construction projects where materials routinely need to be moved.


Backhoes, also known as rear actors or back actors, are a versatile type of excavating equipment used extensively in the construction industry. Featuring a front shovel bucket coupled with an arm ending in a backward-facing bucket, backhoes allow operators to dig and scoop in a forward direction while placing soil behind the machine. This makes them ideal for digging trenches and foundations, as the backhoe can dig the hole and deposit the dirt to the side in one smooth motion.

With their excellent maneuverability and compact design, backhoes access tight spaces around job sites with ease. Fitted with a wide array of easily interchangeable attachments like breakers, augers, and grapples, backhoes provide flexibility in carrying out various demolition, drilling, and materials-handling jobs. Simple to operate and maintain compared to large excavators, backhoes are a construction crew’s trusty companion on all types of projects, from roadwork, laying pipelines, and constructing buildings to landscaping and minor earthmoving tasks requiring precision.

Dump Trucks and Concrete Mixers

Dump trucks and concrete mixer trucks transport raw materials to builders. The dump truck bed lifts to dump the contents exactly where needed. Concrete mixers have cylindrical drums that continuously spin concrete components to prevent hardening during transit. At the site, the premixed concrete is poured through attached chutes.

Other common construction machinery includes graders, loaders, generators, pumps, air compressors, and man lifts. This equipment works together to provide builders with the machines they need for all stages of construction projects both large and small.

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