Important Tips for the Safe Car Transportation From Delhi to Chennai 

When it comes to relocating home, you opt for hiring packers and movers services. But, there could be a moment when you only need to transport your possessions or vehicles. If you are in such a situation to transport your car from Delhi to Chennai then this blog is for you. In this video, we have curated the best tips for car transportation from Delhi to Chennai with no damage at all. Read the blog and get your car ready for the big move. 

How to Transport Car Safely from Delhi to Chennai? 

Even if you think hiring a car transport company in Delhi is enough for safe car transportation then you are not aware of the real struggle of car transportation. There are a lot of things that you need to do for safe and smooth car transportation. Some people even opt for car transportation by train to save money. but, it is the worst mode of car transportation in terms of safety. Also, it is a time-consuming task. And you cannot expect a door-to-door car delivery service when transporting it by train. 

If you want to experience safe and hassle-free car transportation from Delhi to Chennai then follow all the tips given below: 

Hire the best car transportation company in Delhi 

As you are planning to transport your four-wheeler from Delhi to Chennai, search for a reliable car transporter in Delhi. There would be numerous auto transport companies in Delhi, but you need to search for the most genuine and popular one. Make sure the company is registered and has a fleet of trucks and trailers to transport cars. Check its license, certification, and market reputation as well. Do not forget to read customer reviews to know if they deliver satisfactory services to customers. 

Get multiple quotations to hire the right service provider. Give them the complete detail about your car and its condition. Share the moving date as well. Movers will estimate the car shipping rate accordingly. Compare their charges and hire the right service provider that best fits your budget. 

Prepare the car for shipping 

Once you are done with booking the best services of car transportation in Delhi, it’s time to prepare your vehicle. Here are the important things you need to do to make your four-wheeler ready for the transition: 

  • Clean your car

Cleaning your car is essential when you are transporting it as this allows you to look for the dents your car already has. You should clean it inside and out thoroughly to mark the dents and scratches so that you won’t mistake them for the newer ones. 

  • Remove accessories 

The loose accessories or the personal items that you have kept in your car may damage it during transportation. So, remove the accessories like decorative items, speakers, air fresheners, and spare chargers. Otherwise, these will toss around the vehicle damaging the interior. 

  • Empty the fuel tank 

Packers and movers will ask you to empty the fuel tank or keep it only 1/4th full. Not only does it make the vehicle heavier resulting in increasing the transportation cost but also it can be a risk for any explosion or accident. 

  • Take photos 

Once you are done cleaning your car and removing all the items from it, take a few pictures of it from different angles. This will help you see for new damages that occur during transportation and show it to your movers as proof.  You can also know if any accessory is missing that you forget to remove.

Choose and pack your things carefully

Although it’s not a good idea to transport your belongings through your car yet some people opt for this. If you are also planning to transport a few goods in your car, then ask your packers and movers about this. They will guide you on how to pack and place the items before shipping the vehicle. Make sure you are not sending any heavy or sharp items that can damage your car as well as accompanying vehicles in the moving truck. Use good quality packaging materials and place the boxes in the car in a way that they will not move around during transportation. 

Enquire about the mode of transportation and payment 

There are typically two modes of car transportation – Open truck transportation and enclosed truck transportation. Your car will be either loaded onto an open trailer or an enclosed truck for transportation. It depends on which mode of transportation you want to select. The key differences between both modes are charges and safety. Open truck transport is less safe but cheaper whereas enclosed truck is an expensive mode but a secured mode for car transportation. As you are transporting your car from Delhi to Chennai then you should opt for enclosed truck transportation for your precious vehicle. 

Apart from this, ask your movers about the mode of payment. Usually, car transport companies from Delhi to Chennai accept all payment modes. They work for the convenience of the customers. But yet it’s important to enquire about the mode of payment from your movers. 

Buy insurance 

For secure car transportation from Delhi to Chennai, it’s important to buy insurance. Transit insurance helps you claim damages. Despite taking precautionary measures, your car may get damaged in transit. And you can recover the damage cost through insurance coverage. 

By following these steps, you will be able to transport your car safely and smoothly from Delhi to Chennai. 

In Conclusion 

Car transportation is a challenging process but only if you are not aware of the right techniques. But, when you follow the right steps and take precautionary measures with the services of car transportation from Delhi to Chennai, then you can expect the best and hassle-free car transport experience.

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