Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad

Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad

Marhaba Mahal is a famous Pakistani restaurant in the Satellite Town of Faisalabad Pakistan. It is famous for its traditional food at affordable prices. 

The menu offers you a variety of foods like Soups Pizzas Fish Grill and many others. Customer love their pizzas and Fish grill. 

Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad
SpecialityTraditional Pakistani cuisine
Price RangeMutton Karahi: Rs. 4695 to Marhaba Special Kahwa: Rs. 90
LocationSatellite Town, Faisalabad, Pakistan
ContactPhone Number: (041) 8523102
AtmosphereCozy, friendly
Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad

Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad

It has a variety of foods on its menu like appetizers pizzas soups and Augheeti at a reasonable price. You can find it in the Satellite Town of Faisalabad. 

Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad Menu & Prices

It offers you a variety of foods at a cheap price. The price range of its starts from Mutton Karahi: Rs. 4695 to Special Kahwa: Rs.90.


  • Tempura Prawn: Rs.2000
  • Tempura Chicken: Rs.1150
  • Fish Cracker: Rs.455
  • French Fries: Rs.455
  • Golden Sink Prawn: Rs.2225
  • Dynamite Shrimps: Rs.1625
  • Crispy Chicken: Rs.1250
  • Dynamite Chichen: Rs.1025


  • Special Soup: Rs.1450
  • Olive Special Soup: Rs.1625
  • Hot and Sour Soup: Rs.1600
  • Chicken Corn Soup: Rs. 1500
Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad

Fish & Grill

  • Grilled Fish Sole: Rs.3799
  • Fish Tikka: Rs.2200
  • Rohu Fish: Rs.1650
  • Fish Kabab: Rs.1500
Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad


  • Angara Boti: Rs.1149
  • Chicken Boti: Rs.895
  • Chicken Sheesh Tawook: Rs.1149
  • Chicken Malai Boti: Rs.1149
  • Chicken Tikka Piece: Rs.450
  • Tikka Masala: Rs.799
Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad

Karahi Tikka

  • Desi Murghi Karahi: Rs.3695
  • Mutton karahi: Rs. 4695
  • Special Handi: Rs.1650
  • Chicken Green Chilli Masala: Rs.1650
  • Chicken Madrasi Handi: Rs.1650
  • Murghi Makhni Handi: Rs.1600
  • Chicken Jalfrezi: Rs.1150
  • Chicken Ginger: Rs.1070
  • Achari Handi: Rs. 1650
  • Chicken Karahi: Rs.1650
Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad

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Chinese Cuisine

  • Hot Wing in Red Sauce: Rs.1100
  • Drum Stickes: Rs.1300
  • Sesame Honey Kitchen: Rs.1150
  • Dhaka Chicken: Rs1199
  • Chicken Chilli Dry: 1150
  • Cashew Nut Chicken: Rs.1450
  • Vegetable Brocilli Chicke: Rs.1250
  • Chicken Manchurian: Rs.1260
  • Mongolian Chicken: Rs.1500
  • Kung Pao Chicken: Rs.1450
  • Black Pepper Chicken: Rs.1250
Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad

Salad Bar

  • Fruit Salad: Rs.725
  • Raita: Rs.215
  • Mint Sauce: Rs.215
  • Fresh Salad: Rs.225
  • Mineral Water: Rs.200


  • Kalwanji Naan: Rs.150
  • Garlic Nan: Rs.150
  • Roghni Naan: Rs.90
  • Tandoori Paratha: Rs.140
  • Roti: Rs.90


  • Pina Colada; Rs.345
  • Orange Colada: Rs.345
  • Mango Shake: Rs.320
  • Kitkat Shake: Rs.375
  • Oreo Shake: Rs.375
  • Cappuccino: Rs.250
  • Black Coffee: Rs.220
  • Black Coffe: Rs.330
  • Chai: Rs.180
Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad


  • Gajar Halwa: Rs.195
  • Gulab Jamun: Rs.195
  • Tutti Fruiti Ice Cream: Rs.450
  • Special Ice Cream: Rs.250
  • Special Kahwa: Rs.90
Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad

What People Love About Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad

It is famous for its delicious food, Great dining atmosphere, excellent service, and a variety of traditional dishes like juicy Desi Murg, tasty BBQ, and many others. It serves yummy dishes at reasonable prices. It’s a cozy place with friendly staff. People love it for its great dining atmosphere and its tasty food.

Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad Address & Contact Number

  • Address: Satellite Town of Faisalabad. 
  • Phone Number: (041) 8523102

Why People Choose Marhaba Mahal Faisalabad?

Marhaba Mahal in Faisalabad is a popular restaurant for many reasons. They’re famous for their authentic Desi cuisine royal ambiance and excellent service. With a variety of dishes including BBQ and Karahi everything is freshly prepared using organic ingredients. 

Customers love their specialty items like chicken Tikka pieces and Chatkhara boti. The cozy environment makes it perfect for family gatherings. People love it for its excellent service cozy environment and fresh tasty dishes.


It is a famous Pakistani restaurant located in Faisalabad Pakistan. Marhaba serves delicious Desi food at affordable prices. It is famous for its friendly service and Warm dining atmosphere. People love their juicy Desi Murg and BBQ dishes. The price range of its starts from Rs. 4695 to Rs.90.


What type of cuisine does Marhaba offer?

It specializes in authentic Pakistani Desi cuisine, including dishes like Desi Murg and BBQ.

Where is Marhaba Mahal located?

It is situated in the Satellite Town area of Faisalabad, Pakistan.

What are some popular dishes at Marhaba?

Customers rave about our juicy Desi Murg, flavorful BBQ, and specialty items like chicken Tikka pieces and Chatkhara boti.

What sets Marhaba apart from other restaurants in Faisalabad?

It is known for its royal ambiance, excellent service, and wide variety of freshly prepared dishes at affordable prices.

Can Marhaba accommodate large groups or events?

Yes, our cozy environment makes it suitable for family gatherings, social events, and special occasions.

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