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How to find Reference Number or Customer ID?

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to look for a reference number or a customer id. Simply select an old bill copy and compare it to the image below. It’s in the upper left corner of your bill, just below “TARIFF.” Please look at the red highlighted regions in the image to easily discover the reference number:

There is no need to obtain both (reference number and customer id), since just one value is required to obtain your duplicate iesco wapda bill.

Some individuals refer to the reference number as the consumer number, and the customer id as the consumer id, however there is no consumer number or id on the iesco bill. As a result, you may treat the consumer number/id and the reference number/id interchangeably.

Check SEPCO Duplicate Bill Now

Method To Print Bill WAPDA SEPCO Duplicate Bill Online:

To check your latest bill you have to note down your bill reference number. These steps are for checking and printing the copy of your latest issued bill online:

  1. Enter your reference number in the search bar.
  2. Click the submit button
  3. If you want to download your generated duplicate bill then use CTRL + P and for this purpose you must have a printer.
  4. In case if you don’t have a printer then you can download it in pdf form and save it in your space.


SEPCO Introduction:

We at SEPCO carry out great responsibility of providing quality life to our consumers. Being in

an essential business all of us have play a critical role as one team to achieve our goals of

prosperous Sindh and Pakistan. Our focus should be on reduction of losses, improving revenue

and safety of employees. We are front line workers in any natural disaster. Our. vision is for

brighter future for all. This is possible only when we work as a family from karkun to top

management performing our roles efficiently and dedicatedly. May Allah support us in our


Check SEPCO Duplicate Bill Now

Sepco Duplicate Bill

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